Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The vb4all.net is in the midst of an massive site redesign which should see the site become a lot easier to use.

Today saw the introduction of a new theme which enhances the appearance of the site, it also saw the introduction of a number of Administration tools that will enable us to administer the website and provide very regular website updates.

The FAQ system has now had a number of questions and answers added.

Daniel Paull

New Releases
Over the coming days and weeks all of our existing products will be updated to use a new installer. It seems the installer we have been using successfully for over 4 years has outlived its usefulness.

Some of the releases will include feature updates and tweaks as well as bug releases.

Today sees the release of updated versions of POP3 OCX and SMTP OCX, with a new demo project included with POP3 OCX.

The new installer system we are using also reduces the file size of our downloads which is a good thing for all involved.

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Thank you for using vb4all.net products

Daniel Paull
Clippy 200117471
vbDevelopment Tools13688
Richy 200310089
Richy 20049602
SMTP POP3 DLL1.0.0.31
POP3 OCX1.1.9
Richy 20041.0.0
ODBC Manager2.2.0
Send Email in Code using MAPI Client7489
Play a Wave File4652
Set and Retrieve Default and all Printers4235
Bubble Sort3748
Copy Directories and Files including Subdirs.3725
Send Emails in plain text or HTML format and with Attachments using this simple to use Component. more
Clippy is an advanced clipboard utility designed to replace the outdated application supplied with Windows. more
A suite of RAD tools designed for VB which are not expensive yet promise to knock minutes to hours off of the normal development cycle. more
ODBC Manager $50.00
SMTP POP3 DLL $39.95
Richy 2004 $39.95
Hypermate $19.95
vbDevelopment Tools $19.95
POP3 OCX $19.95
Richy 2003 $19.95
SMTP OCX $19.95